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    • First-class battery, BMS,and system technical team;
    • RUIPU has years of experience in research and development of high specific energy core technologies such as solid-state battery technology and high nickel NCM material,it has a lasting core competitiveness;
    • Large-scale industrial manufacturing concept and production layout, automatic intelligent manufacturing production line investment;
    • The whole process is controlled by CPK≥1.67 which achieving high consistency and obvious cost advantage
    • Strong industrial chain integration ability , RUIPU has variety of resources, which can cooperate with the end customer to deal the long-term agreement price;
    • We have global power battery, Ni-Co industry experts
    • Customers, suppliers and partners are all over the world
    • Rich global enterprise operation practice
    RUIPU is based on large-scale industrialized inteligent manufacturing process,has the core tech of high-performance and high-consistency battery design,then finally create the most cost-effective power battery manufacturing enterprise and promote the development of global new energy industry